Tool Refresh FAQs

How do I ensure my University customers get my most up-to-date information?

You will need to answer 2 new questions in the ‘About You’ section before you can access your plan.

These are:

Have you made a public commitment to taking action against Modern Slavery?

Are you aware of the Sustainable Development Goals?

Why am I being asked about Commodity Codes again?

There have been some changes to the codes used by some Universities, if a code you selected previously no longer exists you will need to select the most relevant code from the new list.

If your code has changed, you will be automatically re-categorised.

What has changed in the Your Impacts section?

We have updated some titles and supporting text. This will be automatically applied if you previously selected these statements.

We have included a couple of new statements, so it is worth checking whether these issues apply to your business.

The new statements are:

We are keen to manage our response to the challenge of sustainability in a structured and transparent manner (Environmental positive)

Political or economic uncertainty is a real challenge for our business (Economic negative)

We are always looking for ways to win new business (Economic positive)

We are keen our business contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) (Economic negative)

What has changed in the Your Action Plan section

We have added some new actions, if they relate to an issue you previously selected these will automatically appear in your action plan. Check whether these actions apply to your business and if you have any progress to report! You can still delete any actions that you don’t want in your plan.

We’ve also changed some titles and supporting information text which will update your action plans automatically.